sprig website

i started at sprig in february of 2023. the first project given to me was a full site rebuild and a brand refresh, with a 7 week timeline. completed the rebrand in may of 2023, and since then have rebuilt the site again in webflow to enable my development skills and am continuing to evolve the brand as we become more ai focused.



project type

brand refresh, website redesign & webflow build


sole brand designer & developer

project overview

our brand evolution

the sprig brand i inherited when i joined was very photo driven, bright & almost a little too friendly. as our ideal buyer shifted from UXRs to PMs we wanted to have more of a technical & futuristic feel. below is some of the original moodboards and hero explorations i made when i started. as well as the old homepage hero and the one i launched in may of 2023.
website evolution

from contentful to builder.io to webflow

below are some shots of the current sprig marketing site. when i first started, i was made to rebuild and redesign our site in builder.io, a primarily engineering tool. after a few months of being dampened by the limitations of builder, i made a pitch to move to webflow, my favorite tool. now our site is much more tech-forward. with live blog filtering, lottie animations and plenty of other gorgeous scroll-based animations.
newest brand

sprig's future state

As with many other companies in the tech world, we have begun to utilize AI to power and amplify the power of many of our products. As a next step, it's important our brand evolves with the product. Below are some screens from our newest ai-focused homepage, launched january 2023.