sprig brand & marketing

i started at sprig in february of 2023. the first project given to me was a full site rebuild and a brand refresh, with a 7 week timeline. completed the rebrand in may of 2023, and since then have been continuing to expand our style - from a distinct digital illustration style to designing for social media and ad campaigns to product design, the sprig brand is tied through every surface we have.



project type

brand design, illustration, digital marketing


sole brand designer

blog posts & events

content marketing - from blog posts to events & webinars

since I've started, I've drastically evolved our illustration style, especially for our blog & whitepapers (see next section). these smaller surfaces allow opportunity for brighter, bolder illustrations that may not have worked so well on evergreen surfaces of our site. Yet, they offer a delighful addition to our thought leadership pieces.
product launches

a new, distinct subbrand for every product launch

as a scrappy startup, we are constantly launching new features. with that, comes marketing. from social posts to in-product modals, it's important to surface our new capabilities to as many prospects and customers as possible. with each new product launch, comes an opportunity for a unique design persona.
ad campaigns

catching the attention of users across social platforms

paid ads are a huge part of our growth strategy, and punchy, bold ads help grab viewers attention. these are some of our highest performing ads.