polka dot

defining design culture is important. the goal of the polka dot project is to gather up all the incredible work our brand, product & strategic teams have completed, and share to the rest of our company as well as the design community at large. we want to create a web destination that highlights our team & our ethos.



project type

brand identity, web design & webflow build


design lead & web developer

project overview

the brand identity goal was to be a familiar yet distinct offshoot from the core brand

we started with doing an audit of our current brand assets, colors, etc and landed on a more monochromatic and occasionally pastel palette.

this is still a WIP project, with webflow development around 65% completion. we are also currently working on writing content pieces for the site, hence the heavy usage of lorem ipsum.
figma organization

what happens when designers collaborate on a design-focused site

when constructing an incredibly intricate and motion heavy site, maintaining clean figma files is crucial. as a group we've done our best to componentize what we can, and have each and every page we design stick to a collective system - whether it is font sizing, section spacing or color usage
additional explorations

included below are additional initial passes at concept ideation

if it's not clear already, i love good grid systems and i have an affinity for dark mode