in early 2021, attentive attempted to expand into the payments space, with a text-to-buy product called bubblepay. i was chosen by our vp of design to lead the design efforts by defining the brand identity, building out a small yet robust design system & developing a marketing site. from brand to product to visual, i was lucky enough to own every design decision.



project type

brand identity & design systems


lead designer - brand & product

brand identity

the sole direction i was given was to create a brand that was "attentive's cooler, younger sister"

from palette to typography to illustration style, the initial exploration for this project was massive. (to the point i was crashing figma on my computer daily - oops hehe)

i eventually anded on a playful gen-z look, utilizing luminous colors and spirited typefaces. the true belle of the ball was our character illustration style, a collection of adorable text bubble creatures.
web presence

no matter the medium, bubblepay remained animated & lively

this brand did not make it far past the beta stage, but i did build a simple, 5-6 page website for customers to visit. the goal here was to mirror a lot of the layout & UX trends that were utilized on the main attentive site, but with the distinct bubblepay flare. the site was very interactive with floating emojis, live-text bubbles & amusing scroll animations.
design systems

a brand new user interface

the goal was for bubblepay to eventually have it's own user interface, and we were nearing the finalization of v1 of said system before the project came to a halt. i was lucky enough to collaborate with our vp and another product designer to determine the core of our design system.