brand kit

one of attentive's biggest hurdles is making the platform more self service, especially for those who are not design experts themselves. when a new client launches, or an existing client wants to create new sign up units, they are required to manually add in all their brand assets (fonts, logo, etc) each time. the goal of brand kit was for clients to provide these assets upfront and then when they went to create sign up units, landing pages, etc. - their branding would already be applied - saving them a lot of time.



project type

product design


product dseigner

project goals

in addition to efficiency, we wanted to keep the focus on accessibility top of mind

our sign up units deal with an overlap of ADA & TCPA requirements. by adding in error states regarding color contrast at the global brand styles level, we are able to let clients know sooner than later that 1. they will not be able to launch with non-compliant colors and 2. how important compliance is to attentive as a whole.
wizard flow

design can be intimidating for marketers coming into our platform

creating & designing sign up units can be a daunting thing for marketers at companies of any size. this is why we opted for a simple yet focused wizard flow. each page of the flow only requests a small amount of information from the user, allowing what can be a big task, to feel in control, instead of overwhelmed.
we also decided to hide all of the more granular editing options (line height, letter spacing, weights, italics, etc) into a separate modal. this way, the user can focus on getting the right font family first and then making additional tweaks from there, instead of requiring that all of those decisions be made at once.
future state

a global brand asset manager

the next step for this project is finalizing our global brand asset manager tab. it would be inconvenient for users to need to go through the initial flow anytime they needed to add or alter their brand assets, so we will be introducing a new flow that appears after the first flow has been completed, so the client may have easy access to whatever category they may want to edit.