shortly after i began at attentive in spring of 2020, our design org embarked on a massive brand refresh. i played many roles in the refresh as a whole, but most notably was tasked with the responsibility of designing and developing the website completely solo. every layout, every interaction, even every line of API integration code.

after a very successful initial launch, i was interviewed by the webflow team for a case study you can read here.


2020 - 2021

project type

brand refresh, website redesign & webflow build


web developer & designer

project overview

what started as a simple 1:1 conversion, turned to an entire redesign

the original intention was to transfer our site 1:1 from wordpress to webflow, and simply apply our new branding to the elements, layouts, and pages that already existed. as i began the migration, the team agreed that we were not doing our new brand justice by not overhauling the whole site. thus began a new exploration of possibility. through extensive mood boarding, and countless iterations of each & every page, i constructed a delightful yet robust new website.
user experience

interaction was at the heart of each experience created

from heavy dynamic filtering on our texts we love page, to the development of three (six if you count mobile) complex and at times overlapping mega navigations, interaction was the name of the game when it came to this site. given that the focus of attentive is conversation, it felt only natural to give the user opportunities to connect every step of the way.
in addition to an inverted version of our standard mega nav, the blog overview and individual blog pages boast an extra blog specific menu. this allows the user to either search by keyword, filter by category or tag, or have easy access to a featured article.
in order to reduce cognitive load while reading, the black mega nav hides itself on scroll. what is added in its' place is a dynamic progress bar based on how much of the current article you have read so far.
holiday 2021

an award winning holiday experience

as the design teams were more defined when the website launched than when it began, i ended up passing off the ownership of the site to our brand & content marketing teams. but i was asked to step in & support the very complex design & development of our hyper-interactive holiday village site that launched late summer 2021. this microsite experience ended up going on to win the "digiday content marketing award for best branded content - b2b"